Insider or Expert?

Insider. I am interested in talking with you. The European Union  with all its institutions is difficult to grasp and newsmedia don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Well, sometimes. When there’s a scandal, a big conference, a head of state is visiting or there’s another headline to make. At least, that’s the way i perceive it all, as an outsider. Why don’t we sit down, i’ll let you explain what you are doing, what kind of work you produce and i’ll work it out in an anonymised interview. Maybe the result is a better nuanced view of what you do in your profession. You can always ask questions or send me an e-mail at insideeuropeblog [at]

Expert. I probably have an extremely biased view of how the media works when it regards EU topics, the way it get perceived by the many many outsiders or maybe i made some factual errors that needs to be corrected.  You are a professor, a correspondent or you closely follow the EU instutions for your profession. I would want to sit down with you as well to do an anonymised interview. It could be interesting for the discussion to pick a topic and eloborate on it a bit more. I will work it out in an interview and it gets published on this blog. You can send me an e-mail at with any questions you might have.

Don’t fit in any category, but interested in an interview? Or you think an interview published did not portray the right perspective? Just mail me at insideeuropeblog [at]


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