The Ivory Tower

Next to a bunch of interviews out of the field, this page called ‘The Ivory Tower’ collects long reads, videos or other media that could give interesting perspectives from a theoretical point of view.

Its aim is to have a collection of media from different political perspectives. But since we are always biased ourselves, we can always use the help of you.

So, if you have an interesting article or video to share, post it in the comments section directly. Or,  if you think it deserves more attention then a spot in the comments section, e-mail it to insideeuropeblog [at]  All e-mailed articles will be published, including the e-mail itself without your e-mail address. Make sure to give your e-mail some context on the ‘why’ it should be published.’

August 26 – A new German Question

September 7 – Tomáš Sedláček


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