‘The EU’ is pretty messy. And boring.  But, what happens at EU institutions seems to become more important to know off for the individual lives of people. At the same time people seem to have a hard time maintaining interest in ‘the EU’ as a subject.

With this experiment on the European Union I will try to understand the broad Brussels biotope a bit more. How? By talking to the people who work there and by talking to very smart people who have plenty of knowledge on EU subjects. As simple as that. See it as a collection of perspectives mixed with investigative work here and there.

The goal is to slowly learn how a power system works and to show how ‘it’ interacts with other important tentacles like ‘the media’ or ‘the public’. How? Simply by letting the people who work at EU institutions or report on it / follow it closely, explain how they experience their daily routine, what they do each day, and how they look at what happens in Brussels.

Who is on the playfield?

Broadly, I have divided my playing ground in Brussels and beyond (not all the EU institutions are located in Brussels) into three groups:

1. Insiders

2. Outsiders

3. Experts.

Insiders work at EU institutions or are closely related to it. An outsider can be you. More broadly: the public. An expert can be a correspondent or a University professor who works on EU related topics or made it his/her lifework.


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