Getting the right numbers: Who´s covering Brussels

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Two weeks ago, I asked the accreditation office at the Commission for some numbers on the amount of media present in Brussels. The week after I asked them if they could give me some more info on the countries these media where from. I received the list today. Down here you can see where these media come from. The numbers are related to media outlets (not individual journalists) who have received an accreditation (according to the last known data of july 2013).

On the map you can see a general outlook. Green tells you that no media from that country has an official accreditation in Brussels. Light and dark blue equals a ´average representation´. Light and dark Red equals a ´high representation.´

85 Media outlets are classified as ´International European.´ According to the office these are media outlets who are not related to a specific country, like for example Euronews.

In terms of geographics, the African continent counts a lot of green, just like the Middle East and South East Asia. Canadian media have no accreditations. Australia and Brazil both have one media outlet with accreditations.

Germany 120
United Kingdom 111
Int. European 85
Belgium 68
Spain 63
France 57
Italy 47
USA 44
China 43
Netherlands 23
Russia 16
Poland 15
Japan 15
Austria 14
Albania 13
Greece 13
Denmark 12
Sweden 12
Portugal 11
Swiss 10
Hungary 10
Croatia 9
Ireland 9
Turkey 9
Romania 8
Bulgaria 8
Czech Republic 7
Finland 7
Norway 6
Ukrain 5
Macedonia 4
Georgia 4
Luxembourg 4
Malta 4
Slovenia 4
South Korea 3
Kazakhstan 3
Lithuania 3
Maroc 3
Mexico 3
Pakistan 3
Egypt 3
Serbia 3
Vietnam 3
United Arab Emirates 2
Estonia 2
Kosovo 2
Qatar 2
Moldova 2
Slovakia 2
Senegal 2
Taiwan 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Estonia 2
Rwanda 1
Palestine 1
Kuwait 1
Latvia 1
Tunisia 1
Australia 1
Congo 1
Iceland 1
Azerbaijan 1
Belarus 1
Bosnia Herzegovina 1
Brazil 1

Getting the right numbers: the Brussels press corps


To get a better grasp of the amount of journalists covering ‘EU’ related topics, I searched my way around the Internet and found several articles about the decline of the press corps. Here and here for instance. According to the International Press Association (IPA) in Brussels, the number of accredited reporters shrunk from some 1,300 in 2005 to 964 in 2009 (source).

Numbers are always a great way to tell juicy stories. Leave the context out, tweak it a bit, and you can make several stories out of the same numbers. To start my little investigation on the numbers, I asked the accreditation office at the European Commission what their numbers are, and I received this list:



The increase between March and July is partially due to a number of journalists being accredited temporarily for replacing their colleagues during the summer holidays, according to the office.

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