Jaka’s Cartoon: Germany, Merkel and the EU



Jaka’s Cartoon: Syria

While Barack Obama is lobbying behind the scenes for more support, the French are on the front seat and the Turkish can’t wait, Jaka passed his cartoon through congress in a blink of an eye.

Syria jaka

Jaka’s Cartoon: the world of lobbying.

The coming weeks we will publish two conversations. One with a lobbyist and one with an ex-lobbyist, both working in the Brussels bubble. Our cartoonist Jaka has his own views on the world of lobbying.


Jaka’s Cartoon: Snowden and the NSA story

The best cartoonists deliver two cartoons, if you ask for one. So, why not two cartoons this week, he thought. Jaka Bevk, our new cartoonist, has his opinon on the NSA and Snowden case as well. Click on the cartoon to see it in full size.


Jaka’s Cartoon

Today we welcome our new cartoonist, Jaka Bevk. Jaka is Slovenian and currently lives in Brussels. For our blog, Jaka will make a cartoon every two weeks about the world of European or international politics. You can check out his other work on his website, or his Facebook page! Today the first one: Croatia and the EU, a blessing?


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